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About TNT Fitness Solutions

TNT provides professional fitness training focused on Strength and Conditioning for youth athletes. TNT is proud to partner with Blitz United Soccer Club to provide a robust training experience that will engage and continue to develop youth athletes!

Winter 2020 Strength and Conditioning kicks off November 11th! To register click below.


Training Options

Drop-In Classes or Team Classes are available.

Indoor Training takes place at PHIT LAB @ PHIT WORLDWIDE.

To learn more visit:

Modern Gym

Drop-In Classes

Group training for all ages

Drop-In Classes are held Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Registered drops are $10, unregistered are $15. Classes last approximately 1 hour.

Beginner Strength & Conditioning is also available on Sundays for the youngest athletes that just need the basics!

Team Training

Squad training to maintain your edge

1 hour of Strength and Conditioning for your team, no better way to keep everyone performing at the highest level. $150 per class for indoor training, $100 for outdoor.

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